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Super Scentwork Squad UK Beginners


Scentwork is a fun and enriching activity for dogs, it can have huge benefits for their wellbeing and can be great fun for humans to. This cours [Read more ...]

£150.00 per dog


Scentwork is a fun and enriching activity for dogs, it can have huge benefits for their wellbeing and can be great fun for humans to. This course is held at Waggy Tales Day Care, Watling Street, A5, Potterspury, MK19 6BD behind Hobby Fish on the A5 on Sundays and includes;

Introduction to scentwork with a full Scentwork Kit inclued as well to use for all your sniffing.

Scent pairing

Introduction to searches

Indication practice

Multi Location Searches

Wide Area Searches

Vehicle Searches

People Searches

Scent Challenges

Awards scheme


Opportunity to Join our Super Scentwork Squad


The purpose of the Super Scentwork Squad UK is to promote and develop scentwork both as a fun and engaging activity with your dog, you can build to a wider area of training activities and building up through a minimum of 4 levels of qualification through both the UKCSD and Conservation K9 and moving forward a fully fledged dog sport with regular trials locally.

Overall our combined aim at the Super Scentwork Squad UK is to provide a comprehensive programme and fulfilment to dogs of all ages and breeds

  • Provide resources for trainers and clubs offering scentwork classes and workshops,

  • Building a set of criteria for consistent standards for nosework/scentwork trials and accreditation for those reaching the required standard.

  • Look at all aspects of nosework and scnetwork, from local sniffing,/fun/engagement and how it can help balance your dog.  Along with supporting behavioural/disability on more specialised courses across the UK.

  • Supporting local Vets/Organisations in promoting the safe use of scentwork and how to really bond and read your dog.

  • Provide training to allow clubs/trainers to reach accreditation (Training for Trainers courses).

  • Keep an up to date database of clubs/trainers offering Super Scentwork Squad UK sessions

Ultimately as the Super Scentwork Squad UK grows we aim to build affiliations with other like minded organisations to build a truly nationwide approach to scentwork, challenges, trials and specialised training that anyone can have a network of Super Scentwork UK handlers and trainers.

The Super Scentwork Squad UK will be promoted through social media and by attending shows to encourage the public to attend classes, thereby supporting our ‘Recognised Trainers’ and through Jackador

If you are looking for more specialised/charity based support we also look at building that as part of our curriculum that can support those activities, please contact Super Scentwork Squad UK for more information.

Our COVID assessment will be provided for all bookings as well for everyone to get confidence and preperations are all in place.

Classes are held Sunday mornings at 10am

you will receive your online training pack as well on after the first session.
you will also receive your own scentwork Kit as well

An email will also come out when ordered a week before classes start with all the information you will need.

Please use a collar and/or harness to come to sessions along with a fixed lead (not a flexi) this will really help your pups with the exercises, and also keep your focus so the 'switch' doesnt clik and your pup run plays run around.

Any questions or queries, please email [email protected] or call on 07976139859, plus text and whatsapp.

Many thanks and see you all soon

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I have a bouncy 1 year old labradoodle who struggles with impulse control around other dogs and has high levels of energy. When we first tried scent work I honestly did not expect him to be any good at it and expected a bit of fun and enrichment for him.I have been amazed that in only a few weeks he is now able to find his scent 'catnip' in a room full of other new smells or a vehicle as well as outside. He has developed a new high level of focus and concentration when he is working that I would not have thought possible. Jason is fantastic with the dogs and massively commited to their work. My dog is always very tired and happy after the sessions.
Tilly loved this workshop! using her nose has been the perfect activity to help calm her down and improve our relationship. My 7 year old son has also got involved in hiding the scents so i can see us becoming a family of scent addicts!

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