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Jason Evans Behaviour Consultant

HI and welcome to the Jason Evans Dog Behaviour page.

If you have come to this page you have come to the right place I am here to herlp you and your dog(s) in specialist behaviour areas, which today seem far more common than anyone really anticipated.

I am spliacised in many areas but more specifically I can help in Seperation Anxiety/Barking/Reactivity/Agrresion (dog/human) all of these can be hel[ped with specliaised support and time to allow you and your dog into a more balanced and supported environement for the future.

Each of the areas above come with a tailored programme to suit you and your dog(s) as with humans no 2 dogs are alike in the challenges they fae and every programme is suited to both yours and your dogs needs to be most effective.

If you have read the about us page, you will see that along with traiining in mutiple areas over the last 12 years, I have qualifed and been independently asseded as a Behavioutist on the practyival and academic side of dog behaviour.  This has taken many years of hard work/focus and support to really understand the dogs physical and mental challenges they face and the wide range of areasand knoeldge both physiycal and mental to help in mutiple situations.

Please see below for more information on the packages available and email : XXXXXXXXX or contact Mobile - XXXXXXX to have a free 10 minute consultation and how we can help build that programme to help you.
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